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Stars-In-Your-Eyes Palette 女士美妆

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What it is: A palette featuring four color-curated looks with prime, enhance and smoke shades that you can build, presented in an ornate palette.What it does: Love Eyes is inspired by rose quartz, which has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries and remains the stone of the romantic. It has a sweet, soft pink hue and a strong energetic connection to the heart chakra, and is often referred to as the stone of unconditional love. Power Eyes is inspired by gold, a color that galvanizes faith in oneself. Adored by ancient civilizations, this precious metal gilds the eye. Apply this glimmering, molten eye look and take on the world. Happy Eyes is a sunlit amber-inspired eye look. Amber is one of the world's most coveted treasures, and because of its naturally golden light-reflecting nature has been portrayed in ancient history as drops of the sun and light solidified. Apply it for happy eyes. Confident Eyes is inspired by topaz ruby, a precious stone that is associated with the force of life because of its bold, burgundy shade. It is the symbol of fire, heat and purity, believed to empower the wearer. Apply this enhancing eye look and embrace your wildest dreams.Palette includes:- Love Eyes (three shades)- Happy Eyes (three shades)- Power Eyes (three shades)- Confident Eyes (three shades)How to use: Start by applying the primer shade back-and-forth across the eyes with a blender brush. Then, using the enhance shade, sweeping across your eyelid. For extra color, apply with a smudger brush directly on the center of the eyelid. Dip the smudge brush into the smoke shade and sweep across your upper lashline, slightly blending upward and outward.0.02 oz. each
Paraben-free; fragrance-free; alcohol-free; gluten-free; nut-free
Made in Italy
Charlotte Tilbury可以说是英国目前最知名的彩妆大师之一,经常和Vogue、Elle等著名时尚杂志合作,除了Tom Ford之外,她也曾作为Michael Kors、Rachel Zoe等世界顶级大牌的御用彩妆造型师。作为很出名的化妆师,Charlotte她在2013年9月推出了自己的品牌包括彩妆以及保养品,在不到一年时间已经是风靡全球,深受时尚界以及名媛圈的喜爱。她与许多模特、明星私交甚好,记得Charlotte Tilbury彩妆刚登陆Selfridges时世界名模Kate Moss以及鬼马名模Cara Delevingne等都有为她站台过。




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